How to Use YouTube Comment Pause for Channel Owners

How to Use YouTube Comment Pause for Channel Owners
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YouTube stands as one of the foremost platforms for online video content, boasting billions of viewers and creators on a global scale. Yet, the management of a YouTube channel, particularly the moderation of the comment section, presents challenges. While comments can offer valuable feedback and engagement, they also have the potential to introduce stress and negativity to content creators.

In response, YouTube is introducing a new feature known as the YouTube Comment Pause Option, providing channel owners with enhanced control over their comment sections. This article aims to elucidate the ‘Pause’ option, delving into its purpose, functionality, and anticipated availability. By the conclusion of this piece, readers will gain insights into leveraging the ‘Pause’ option to more effectively manage their YouTube comment sections.

New YouTube Comment Pause Option

YouTube Comment Pause Option

YouTube is introducing a fresh feature called ‘Pause,’ empowering channel owners or creators to temporarily suspend new comments on their videos while maintaining the visibility of existing comments. In the past, creators faced a binary choice: either permitting unrestricted viewer comments or disabling them entirely, which concealed both existing and potential comments. The novel ‘Pause’ option bridges this gap, offering creators an intermediary option to temporarily halt new comments while retaining the visibility of previously posted ones.

Why is YouTube Introducing the ‘Pause’ Option?

The implementation of the ‘Pause’ feature is geared towards providing creators with increased authority over their video comment sections. This option adds flexibility by permitting creators to temporarily suspend new comments, offering them the means to better oversee and manage their comment sections. Recognizing the varied reasons creators may have for taking breaks from new comments—be it to moderate ongoing discussions, address specific issues, or simply handle audience interactions—the ‘Pause’ feature serves as a valuable tool to cater to these diverse needs.

How Does the ‘Pause’ Option Work?

Using the Comment Pause feature is simple:

  1. Access the video settings: Go to your YouTube Studio and select the video you want to manage comments for.
  2. Navigate to the “Comments” section: This section allows you to access all comment settings and moderation tools.
  3. Locate the “Pause Comments” option: Click this button to activate the feature.
  4. Choose your desired duration: Select the timeframe for the comment pause, ranging from 1 hour to 24 hours or indefinite.
  5. (Optional) Schedule a pause: For future videos or livestreams, you can schedule a comment pause in advance.
  6. (Optional) Compose a custom message: Inform your viewers about the pause and provide relevant context.
  7. (Optional) Pin important comments: Highlight key discussions or announcements even during a pause.
  8. Click “Save” to confirm your settings: The comment pause will now be implemented for your chosen video.

When will the ‘Pause’ Option Be Available?

YouTube is gradually introducing this new feature, so its availability may not be immediate for all users globally. The rollout is anticipated to reach all users over the course of the next few days or weeks. Concurrently, the existing comment moderation settings are undergoing a name change for improved clarity. Creators will now have three primary options: ‘On,’ ‘Pause,’ and ‘Off.’ Under the ‘On’ option, creators can select from four levels of moderation:

  1. None: No comments are held for review.
  2. Basic: Potentially inappropriate comments are held.
  3. Strict: A broader range of potentially inappropriate comments is held.
  4. Hold all: All comments are held for review before appearing.

These adjustments are aimed at simplifying the comment moderation process, providing creators with clearer choices to manage their comment sections based on their preferences and moderation requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to existing comments during a pause?

Existing comments will still be visible during a pause. However, viewers will not be able to submit new comments until the pause is lifted.

Can I still interact with comments during a pause?

Yes, you can still read, reply to, and moderate existing comments during a pause. However, new comment submissions will be disabled.

What are the implications for comment engagement metrics?

The Comment Pause feature may temporarily affect comment engagement metrics. However, it can also encourage a more positive and constructive environment, which can ultimately benefit engagement in the long run.

Are there any limitations to using the Comment Pause feature?

Currently, you cannot pause comments for individual video segments. The pause applies to the entire video duration. Additionally, the feature is not available for Premieres or Community tab posts.

How can I learn more about the Comment Pause feature?

You can access the official YouTube Help Center documentation for detailed information and FAQs about the Comment Pause feature:


The YouTube Comment Pause feature offers a valuable tool for creators to manage their online presence and foster a healthier audience engagement environment. By understanding its functionalities and limitations, creators can leverage this feature to enhance their content and prioritize their well-being. As the feature continues to develop and roll out, it has the potential to significantly improve the online experience for both creators and viewers on YouTube.

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