Scrolling Text Effect Codes for Blogger & WordPress

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Need To Add Scrolling Text Effects To Your Website? Then, at that point, You Are At The Right Place, Here We Have Provided All Possible Scrolling Text Effects Codes Both For Blogger And WordPress. Just You Have To Copy And Paste The Code To Your Page With Replacing your Text, Links Or Images.

Left To Right Scrolling Text Effects

<marquee direction="right" bgcolor="#fadd08"><a href="#">your text will goes here</a></marquee>

Right To Left Scrolling Text Effects

<p><marquee direction="left" bgcolor="#000"><a href="#">your text will goes here</a></marquee></p>

Top To Bottom Scrolling Text Effects

<marquee direction="down" bgcolor="#99ccff">your text will goes here</marquee>

Bottom To Top Scrolling Text Effects

<marquee direction="up" bgcolor="#99ccff">your text will goes here</marquee>


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