5 Best AI Video Colorizer to Revive Your Old Footage

5 Best AI Video Colorizer to Revive Your Old Footage
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In an era where technology is constantly evolving, the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made it possible to breathe new life into old, black-and-white footage. AI video colorizers are revolutionary tools that can transform monochrome videos into vibrant, colorized scenes, making them more relatable and engaging for modern audiences. Whether it’s personal memories or historical footage, colorizing black and white videos can significantly enhance their emotional impact. This blog post explores the 5 best AI Video Colorizer available today, offering insights into their features, usability, and how you can utilize them to revive your old footage.

Best AI Video Colorizer

Neural Love

Neural Love stands out for its sophisticated AI algorithms that ensure high-quality colorization with stunning detail and accuracy. It utilizes deep learning to analyze and replicate realistic colors, making it an excellent choice for both personal projects and professional use. The tool offers a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to those without technical expertise.

How to Colorize Video Free with AI

Many platforms, including Neural Love, offer free trials or limited free usage, allowing users to experiment with AI colorization. Typically, you’d upload your black-and-white footage to the platform, select the colorize option, and let the AI do its work. Once the process is complete, you can download the colorized version of your video.


AI4video.co is a dedicated platform for video colorization, employing AI to automatically add color to black-and-white videos. It promises a straightforward process with impressive results, suitable for historians, educators, and anyone looking to restore old video footage.


Veed.IO is a comprehensive video editing platform that includes AI-powered colorization among its many features. It’s designed for ease of use, catering to content creators looking for a one-stop shop for video editing and enhancement, including colorization.


Hdconvert offers various video editing services, with AI video colorization being one of its specialties. It supports high-resolution output, ensuring that your colorized footage is not only vibrant but also clear and detailed.


PixBim is known for its focus on AI-powered image and video enhancement tools. Its video colorizer is capable of transforming black-and-white footage into color, with options for customization to achieve the desired look and feel.

Tips to Colorize Black and White Video

Colorizing black and white video can be a delicate process. Here are some tips to achieve the best results:

  • Choose the Right Tool: Different tools may yield different results depending on the footage. Experiment with a few options to find the best fit.
  • Adjust Settings: Many AI colorizers offer adjustable settings to fine-tune the colorization effect. Take advantage of these to improve the outcome.
  • Consider Historical Accuracy: Research common colors of the period to ensure authenticity when colorizing historical footage.
  • Quality Matters: The original quality of your black-and-white footage can affect the colorization result. High-resolution, clear videos tend to colorize better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AI video colorization free?

While some tools offer free trials or limited free options, full features typically require a subscription or payment.

Can I colorize any video?

Most black-and-white videos can be colorized, but results vary depending on the video’s original quality and complexity.

How long does it take to colorize a video?

Processing time depends on the video’s length and the tool used. It can range from a few minutes to several hours.


Reviving old footage through AI video colorization is a fascinating way to bridge the past and the present. By selecting the right tool and following best practices, you can transform black-and-white videos into vibrant, colorized works of art. Whether for personal enjoyment, educational purposes, or historic preservation, the best AI video colonizers offer an accessible gateway to experiencing history in a new light.

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