Triplets born to 46-year-old woman: 1-in-20-billion chance

Audrey Tiberius, 41, was told by fertility specialists that her chances of having IVF were 10%. Your eggs are too old, the Utah mom told TODAY Parents. "Three efforts at IVF failed."

Tiberius was born at age 46 naturally. On March 30, she gave birth to triplet sons with her 41-year-old husband. Marcus, 13, James, 11, Christian, 9, and Max, 7, were joined by Sky, River, and Bay.

According to Tiberius, there are 1 in 200 million possibilities of having identical triplets. A statistician estimates that the likelihood of a 45-year-old conceiving identical triplets is 1 in 20 billion.

I had a fantasy number of seven. I didn't think it would happen because of my age," she stated. Although Tiberius' miscarriage risk is 80% at age 45, she has learned to trust her body. She believed.

She said, "I hoped my babies would be safe and I'd deliver on time." Tiberius described her as naive about fertility. She believed that because her paternal grandmother had children in her 40s, she might as well.

She had no idea that older celebrities used donated or frozen eggs. To spare them distress, doctors should talk to women about fertility. The triplets of Tiberius were "miracles."