The fashion, publishing, and entertainment industries are all experiencing a mushroom boom.

Boswell Book Company in Milwaukee is run by seasoned bookseller Daniel Goldin, who has access to all the most eagerly awaited new books.

One recent weekday, he was in the middle of reading Keith Seifert's "The Hidden Kingdom of Fungi: Exploring the Microscopic World in Our Forests, Homes, and Bodies."

A "perspective-shifting guide to our microfungal matrix," according to Kirkus Reviews, and Mr. Goldin himself adds, "I found it on our mushroom table and grabbed it."

Since both clients and workers have such a strong fondness for mushrooms, his company has a department dedicated to fungus.

You can find books about mushroom hunting with titles like Frank Hyman's "How to Forage for Mushrooms Without Dying."

The once-humiliated mushroom is currently having a moment on the runway, in Hollywood, and on Instagram.