She-Hulk Makes Fun of Edward Norton as the Incredible Hulk

It makes sense because many actors have scheduling problems, especially with well-known series. While some are mired in much greater conflict,

Like Terrence Howard, who had to be replaced by Don Cheadle because he reportedly experienced salary issues for his War Machine role.

The most obvious casting alteration, though, is Mark Ruffalo's takeover of Ed Norton as Bruce Banner. She-Hulk: The attorney was able to somewhat lighten the situation.

Even while Marvel Studios has tried to steer clear of any references to this subject in their Multiverse,

particularly considering that Universal Pictures still holds the distribution rights to Hulk standalone films.

Instead of giving in to her controlling cousin's demands that she become a superhero, Jen Walters had to call Bruce to let him know that she was beginning a new job with a law company.