NFL World Reacts To The Tom Brady Family News

However, according to the most current sources, this was a planned occasion, and Brady is just taking some time off before the start of the new season to spend with his family.

"No one is worried. He's fine, according to Ian Rapoport, an NFL Network source. As far as I'm aware, there isn't a medical emergency with him or anyone close to him.

I was told that everyone was alright. The importance of maintaining a work-life balance was the best justification I was given for this.

Most supporters believe that Brady's family took a scheduled vacation when he retired, of course before he made his comeback.

"I wouldn't be shocked if Giselle and Brady had planned the family's trip for the upcoming week.

We all know that Brady was planning to retire, according to Patriots reporter Ben Volin.

Several weeks before to the start of the season, some people theorised that Brady would be considering his retirement once more.


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