McDonald's ice cream coffee hack on TikTok 

Popular menu hacks include the burgers, chicken, and fries from McDonald's.

To entice a market interested in innovation, McDonald's introduced menu alterations influenced by fans.

McDonald's miscalculated how the public would feel about the cyberattacks. The new dishes were deemed "better unmashed" by The Washington Post.

The campaign was labelled "lazy" and a ploy by Reddit users to get people to spend more money on something they would have to put together.

The failure of McDonald's "hacks" hasn't stopped other innovators from attempting new ones. One method involves combining coffee with McDonald's ice cream.

Vanilla soft serve is suggested to melt with iced coffee by @nataliesoutlet. Coffee has a vanilla-cream texture as a result. Some people compared it to an affogato, which is espresso and vanilla gelato.

Menu tricks for McDonald's are nothing new. Iced hazelnut coffee with chocolate caramel syrup, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and caramel drizzles is the "Snickers iced coffee" that @sarahmargaretsandlin teaches.