Marvel Studios has responded to criticism from the visual effects community

Several major film studios have recently found themselves in the centre of heated debate.

Marvel Studios has gotten a lot of criticism for how it treats its VFX artists.

while Warner Bros. has been chastised for cancelling many potential ventures.

 In response to the criticism, Marvel Studios is trying to make some modifications.

Some VFX artists who work for Marvel Studios say they occasionally put in 80 hours per week for months at a time on multiple Marvel Cinematic Universe projects.

The working atmosphere was described as having "prolonged times of crunch, severely limited resources, and a hostile work environment."

and a seemingly never-ending cycle of rewrites and reshoots that pushes outsourced VFX firms to the brink" according to an IGN exposé.

There is a ray of optimism among the criticism of Marvel Studios' terrible working conditions for VFX artists.