How to watch the NASA moon rocket launch on Saturday

A technical issue postponed NASA's Space Launch System's flight on Monday. NASA will attempt once more on Saturday, hoping that its engineers have fixed the issue.

Launch is scheduled for 2:17 PM ET. Liftoff may be postponed until 4:17 p.m. in the event of poor weather or technical difficulties.

The Artemis I launch is covered online by NASA TV beginning at approximately 5:45 a.m. when a commentator discusses filling the rocket's fuel tanks. The coverage kicks off at 12:15.

There is a 60% likelihood of favourable weather at the beginning of the launch window and an 80% chance towards the end.To get launch reminders, sign up for The Times' space and astronomy calendar.

If Artemis I lifts off, coverage will last for about two hours as the Orion spacecraft is propelled to the moon by the trans-lunar injection engine.

If the launch is again delayed, NASA may launch on September 5 or 6. There should be sunshine on Monday, according to forecasts.


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