Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady of the Buccaneers are supposedly bickering about his wish to play football once more.

Tom Brady's initial reluctance to commit to playing another season after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were ousted by the Los Angeles Rams from the 2022 NFL Playoffs in January surprised many.

Later, he stated that he needed to spend time with his wife Gisele Bündchen and his family before making any decisions during an appearance on his "Let's Go" SiriusXM show and podcast.

Brady announced his retirement shortly after making those comments, but six weeks later, he was back on the Buccaneers' active roster.

 However, the 45-year-old once more startled football fans in August when he abruptly departed the club for an 11-day vacation due to unspecified "personal issues."

Page Six's Emily Smith and Sara Nathan reported that Bündchen had "left their family property in Tampa, Florida, on Thursday."

Following a string of vehement arguments about Brady's unexpected choice to return to the NFL, he left for Costa Rica.


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