Facebook shuts down?

To increase its user base, Facebook made investments in the metaverse. Facebook has pushed for new VR and gaming apps with this money and focus.

The company will discontinue its gaming app in the fall of 2022.

The Facebook Gaming App is comparable to Twitch. The popularity of Twitch hurts competing programming. Twitch's popularity caused Facebook's gaming app to disappear.

An announcement on Tuesday stated that the streaming app would be discontinued on October 28, 2022. After that time, players won't be able to download the app.

In a message, the Facebook Gaming team apologised for the early closure of the app.

Many gamers countrywide supported the "community-led endeavour" of live-streaming on Facebook.

The company's next big frontier was unveiled in 2018 with the launch of Facebook Gaming.

Facebook tapped on its enormous user base to support the debut of its live-streaming service.

The popularity of the gaming app declined as Facebook users shrank.

With Mixer, Microsoft made an attempt at a comparable approach, but Twitch proved to be too powerful.