enigmatic deadly foods

Be wary of 'Potatos. This could indicate that the potato is producing solanine, a poison that can be fatal if consumed in sufficient quantities.

Rhubarb.The leaves should be avoided even though the stems are OK. The oxalic acid they contain may be fatal if consumed in even small amounts.

Blowfish.This highly poisonous fish is a specialty of Japan (10,000 times more poisonous than cyanide). Only specialised chefs are authorised to prepare the potentially fatal fish.

Marshmallows.The Chubby Bunny challenge involves stuffing as many marshmallows into your mouth as you can, which could lead to a catastrophic choking crisis.

There should be no pink left on the chicken when it is fully done. Salmonella detected in raw chicken may be lethal. 

Chicken has also been connected to numerous issues with food contamination.

This pepper, 400 times hotter than Tobasco, has been connected to seizures and heart problems. Don't allow the possibility of a longer lifespan deter you from eating spicy food.


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