Dodgers star criticises the opposition

On Wednesday, Jacob deGrom of the Mets received praise from Mookie Betts, which David Vassegh didn't appreciate.

Mookie hit a towering 415-foot home run off a slider. Betts tied his career high with his 32nd home run. Following the game, Betts commended deGrom, according to the Orange County Register.

Nobody does, according to Dodgers outfielder Mookie Betts, who dubbed Kershaw "the finest, maybe ever" (compare). The statistics seem to corroborate it.

David Vassegh disagreed with Mookie's assertion. Even if Betts might have been joking, Roberts called him out on Dodger Talk for praising deGrom.

"Mookie! Is this an ego boost before he is destroyed in October? Mr. Mookie Betts Not the best, DeGrom. Your generation's top player isn't Jacob deGrom.

In his nine-year career, DeGrom has made 30 starts just four times. Despite his brilliance, DeGrom has only made 204 starts throughout his career. 

Dizzy Dean started 230 games and came on as a substitute in 87.


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