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Disney just wants fat cats, not Mickey Mouse Lovers

In a recent financial report, the term "Disneyland guests" was used, which "Magic Key" yearly pass holders took to imply them.

Selim Bassoul, the CEO of Six Flags, compared his amusement parks to "a cheap day-care centre for teens." The tourism minister for New Zealand stated that

The country will "'unashamedly'" give "high-quality" tourists priority over people who post on Facebook that they can "travel around our country for $10 a day eating two-minute noodles.

The deputy prime minister of Thailand said in July, "We can't allow people to come because it's cheap."

Despite not being a novel idea, industry leaders are against low-budget travellers. In this economy, the majority of major airlines aren't dependent on passengers flying in economy.

Travelers on a budget faced similar problems. According to The Washington Post, backpackers enjoy affordable travel.

Visitors with money have a lower propensity to spend it locally and on public transit.


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