Casinos' best kept secrets 

Casinos keep people inside More time spent in a casino means more money lost.

Casinos don't have wall clocks to deter people from leaving.Without time, you're more inclined to play slots or blackjack.

Lack of windows is another way casino owners lose track of time. Customers are more inclined to spend money if they don't know whether the sun is setting or rising.

Noisy machines draw consumers.Slot machines inflate gains and disguise losses. How? When a player wins, make loud sounds and flash lights; when they lose, be quiet.

Activating the brain's reward system is utilised to attract new clients. Why can't they win? They forget that victory is rare.

90-degree angles dissuade buyers.Before entering a casino, you're smitten. Most gambling businesses don't have right-angle turns to the entrance. Winding roads lead to the casino's entrance.

Multi-line slots are common in casinos. Multiple paylines disguised losses as winnings.

 Even when there are fewer winning lines than losing lines, players feel like winners, so they keep playing.


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