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If you order a Whopper at Burger King, you'll almost certainly get one. You'll get the same Whopper as everyone else. Fried fish with lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese, or chocolate sauce

Burger King offers several unusual menu choices. Burger King released a Whopper with a black bun for Halloween in 2015, a unique delight with a nasty side effect (via CBS News).

In 2019, the corporation planned to advertise its "Real Meals" to clientele who were depressed or apathetic. According to USA Today, customers can choose between "Salty Meals" and "DGAF Meals."

Burger King appears to avoid traditional (or edible) meals in Germany. Whoppers with whipped cream, ice cream, and olives, fried herring with currywurst, and beef-topped raspberry torte are all depicted by Gizmodo.

These unusual products aren't on the menu at German Burger King. According to Brand Eating, it was part of a marketing campaign aimed towards pregnant women with desires.

Burger King launched a survey to determine what cravings and unusual meal combinations are most popular and transformed the most popular desires into Whoppers.