Arvind Kejriwal's "Missed Call" Campaign Amid CBI Raid On Manish Sisodia

Arvind Kejriwal started the "Missed Call" campaign on the day the CBI raided his deputy Manish Sisodia, inviting people to join his "national mission."

"To join our national mission to make India Number 1, please give missed call on 9510001000, let's take India on the top," the Delhi Chief Minister said in a video address. 

Mr Kejriwal spoke hours after the CBI raided Manish Sisodia, his number two in Delhi's ruling Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). 

"The CBI raid shouldn't be cause for concern; just let them get on with their job. They are being harassed by us on orders from above, "He claimed that Center was picking on the leaders of his party.

Mr. Kejriwal began his "Make India No. 1" campaign earlier this week and declared that if India was to become a developed country, it could not be left in the hands of those in power at the time.

He outlined a five-point plan for good administration and pledged to tour the nation to garner support for it.


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