A quarter of Starbucks baristas left within 3 months, and iced coffee drinks may be to blame

In the first three months, 25% of baristas quit, up from 10% before to the outbreak. The complexity of iced drinks, according to Howard Schultz, may be a problem.

The company experiments with various store designs and quicker beverage preparation methods. Starbucks is experiencing a crisis internally, and barista turnover is on the rise.

Executives suspect that America's insatiable thirst for iced beverages may be to blame.

Business data reveals that 25% of baristas quit after three months, up from 10% prior to the outbreak. The increase happens as Starbucks employees call for better benefits and working conditions.

According to Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, iced drinks are popular because they call for numerous steps and frequent ice bucket refills.

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