Refunds/Cancellations Policy

Sitebard Digital Refund Policy

Sitebard Digital is a web design and marketing Agency whose goal is to provide the highest level of internet marketing services to our clients. Like all businesses and in order to provide our services we need to cover operating expenses associated with providing said services. We expect our clients to understand the associated costs and respect all policies regarding our services. We require payments to be made on-time in respect to the services, and any and all inclusive materials. ie. content, files, and images to be submitted upon request. All fees collected by Sitebard Digital are non-refundable.

Upon hiring Sitebard Digital, for web design and marketing services you are bound by our refund and cancellation policy agreement and agree to abide by our policies therein.

Web Development

Web design and development projects requirements include extensive resources including time, research and incurring internal expenses. Therefore once a payment or deposit is made, it is non-refundable. By submitting a deposit payment client agrees to the pricing in the quote. All client provided material to Sitebard Digital is considered as Sitebard Digitals property and assumes no return of said materials. Materials include emails, data, images and or samples of any kind. Sitebard Digital is not responsible for any lost, stolen, misplaced material. If a project is cancelled, delayed or postponed by the CLIENT, all fees will be forfeited, and will be retained by Sitebard Digital. If applicable, an additional cost will be charged to the CLIENT for all work completed beyond the projects original specifications.

Search Engine Optimization, Social Media & Internet Marketing Services:

All Payments for Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing or any of our Internet Marketing services are non-refundable per agreement. Once a payment or deposit is made, no exceptions will be granted to our refund policy even if fees were paid in advance.

Refund Exclusion for Sponsored

All payments made for sponsored posts are non-refundable. Once a sponsored post order is confirmed and payment is received, no refunds will be issued. Sponsored posts are subject to approval by Sitebard before confirmation. Upon approval, clients will receive a confirmation and payment request. Once payment is received, the sponsored post will be scheduled for publication.

Our cancellation policy

Client satisfaction lies at the core of our services and we ensure that in every possible way. At Sitebard Digital, even our cancellation and refund policy of Web Design & Digital marketing services are very transparent and different for each service we offer.

What is the cancellation procedure?

  • Send us your cancellation request by email or Live Chat.
  • It will be collected at our accounts and billing department
  • You will receive a confirmation reply from us. Until then, the request will remain invalid
  • The email we send in reply will be considered proof of canceling the service.

Note: Clients need to place their cancellation request within 12 hours of placing the order. Sitebard Digital will only accept it when the project has not been started yet.